Pret’s International Stars

Undoubtedly the key to Pret’s ongoing success and growth is the quality, price and consistency of their main product – their food. But there is a much-overlooked aspect of their business that is just as important, which is the service of that food. Within the service is a detail that really appeals to me – the name badges. Specifically, the national flags that are proudly displayed on each.

Forever Hope Foundation

It always feels good to create a successful identity, but it feels even better when that identity represents a good cause. The Forever Hope Foundation is just that. A foundation set up by four partners with the sole aim of aiding and supporting charities to keep up their vital work by creating fundraising events and galas.

The three P’s of branding

This is by no means definitive, but as Dominik Prinz explains in this article for Branding Magazine, the three P’s (People, Purpose and Participation) are a must for any organisation that is looking to build an engaging brand.