Pret’s International Stars

Undoubtedly the key to Pret’s ongoing success and growth is the quality, price and consistency of their main product – their food. But there is a much-overlooked aspect of their business that is just as important, which is the service of that food. Within the service is a detail that really appeals to me – the name badges. Specifically, the national flags that are proudly displayed on each.

Every member of the Pret team that sports a badge displaying their name also gets to wear their own national flag, and in a post Brexit Britain, this pleases me no end. To walk into any Pret and see a wealth of different nationalities on display is wonderful. It shows, without question, just how proud Pret are of their international staff.

For me, the flag – which in reality is a very small detail given the retail environment in which it exists – adds real character and personality. I feel I know something about that particular employee. There’s an instant conncetion, whether that’s with Jacqueline from Columbia or Batman from Spain (who works in the Regent Street store and I’m assured that’s his real name), I get an impression of that person, a sense of who they are. And in turn, it builds a really strong connection between me and the Pret brand. I also love the fact that Pret aren’t shying away from using staff from overseas, but instead, are celebrating their diverse, multicultural workforce.

Small gestures like that go a long way and must make every member of staff feel proud by being given the chance to represent their country. Personally, I’ve not seen this replicated anywhere else. So congratulations Pret, and long may it continue.